Competitive Information

Our competitive program is geared toward the student that wants to be pushed a little harder and is focused on working as a team. Students are trained to the upmost standard and learn required steps and technique for the level they are assigned too. Once at competition they perform and compete against other studios from around Alberta. Although these classes are stricter then our recreational classes, students are still encouraged and shown the love of dance in a warm friendly manner.

Class Placement-

Class Placement (leveling) is at the discretion of the instructors and studio owner. All students are placed in a class according to level as the priority, followed by age and work ethic. Enrolment in a class more advanced then a dancer’s capability is detrimental to his/her progress. All students are assessed continuously at the beginning of the season to ensure they have been placed in a class level that is best fit for them. Students may be moved classes up and until Oct 30th.

Attendance for competitive classes is mandatory and strictly enforced. Absences from competitive classes is disruptive and disrespectful to the other students in the class. If for whatever reason your child is going to be absent from their competitive class, a message must be left on our phone.

The competitive season runs from September to May with competitions in the April-May time frame. Levels 1-4 will participate in 3 competitions and levels 5-8 will attend 4 competitions. Competitions are mandatory and if student does not attend their enrollment next year will be discussed prior to registration.

Withdrawl from competitive classes is not appreciated after Christmas break as the choreography has already been started and costumes ordered. If your costume has been ordered no refunds are given on costume deposits.

We will attend 3-4 competitions per year depending on level. Competition fees are due by November 1st. Failure to pay your competition fees will result in your child being unable to participate in the first competition.



Dancer’s Edge Parents Association (DEPA) was originally formed in 2008. DEPA is a non-profit, volunteer-run, parents association that provides fundraising opportunities and workshops to our competitive dancers. DEPA strives to provide Dancer’s Edge Studio competitive students an opportunity to further their skills, experience competitive events, fundraise, aid in communication to parents and enjoy social interaction as well as positively impact the community with entertainment, donations and charity collections. If your child is in competitive classes and you wish to offset your competitive fees and/or costume fees please contact DEPA for more information or stop at the DEPA table during registration days.

Join DEPA 2018-19

Competitive Dancers Dress Code


Bodysuits or sports bras with booty shorts. Bikatards are also permitted. Because dancer is doing tricks upside down street clothes will not be permitted. Hair must be in a bun or pony tail. Bare feet or toeundezz


Black Bodysuits, ballet pink tights and ballet shoes. Hair must be in a ballet bun.

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemp, Modern

tight dance clothing such as bodysuits, sports bras, booty shorts, leggings, tight capris, tight tank tops. If booty shorts are being warn recommend tights underneath. Jazz shoes, bare feet or toe undezz permitted.


For those parents that have recreational students in Tap, it is a good idea to take out the ribbon and replace it with black elastic. This way they won’t come undone and it is easy for them to put on. It is also a great idea to put your child’s name in their shoes somewhere as they all look the same.


  • Tap-Black leather tap shoes (not high heel). Split soles or full soles are permitted. Slip on or tie up depending on childs foot
  • Jazz- Levels 1-2 will have beige slip on jazz shoe. Levels 3-6 will depend on costume.
  • Lyrical-Beige jazz shoes or toe undezz permitted, depending on costume.
  • Hip Hop-Black Converse high top
  • Ballet- Pink Leather split sole