Preschool Classes


Future Stars:

This program is for our little dancers ages 2.5-6 years old. Their program runs in 4 month sessions first being Sept-Dec and then Jan-April. Classes are a half hour once a week class, dancers can choose to do more then one discipline for more dance time. Themed recitals will be at the end of each session, in which the child will get the opportunity to dance in costume on a stage in front of a live audience.  Dancers can choose from disciplines such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Acro, Kinder cheer and Hip Hop.

Class Structure:

We have developed a “Future Star” syllabus and teaching program that has proven to be a success. We focus the class first and foremost on FUN, then add in structure, technique and routine. Dancers learn to take instruction from the teachers and develop a respectful relationship with them.

Each class starts with circle games, a warm up, followed by technique, center games, choreography and always end with a type of stimulating play (ie ribbons, parachute, shakers).

By the end of the first month it is always rewarding to see the tiny dancers come into the class, get a carpet on their own and sit in the circle. They have learnt this routine and know that this is their time!!!

“They are already born stars, We just help them Shine!”



Spring session runs Jan-April with a themed recital April 28th.

Registration for this new session opens December 3rd.